Cutting herbs just got a LOT easier for me!

After a friend posted a video on Facebook I HAD to check out these products, made by Master Culinary. I’m glad I did! These herb scissors are pretty awesome!

I picked them up on Amazon for only $7.78!

You can find them here: Master Cullinary 5 Blade Herb Scissors



A whole week for Hello Fresh meals for FREE!

Hey friends! The folks at Hello Fresh have given me a WHOLE WEEK of meals to give four of my friends FOR FREE!

If you’ve been wanting to try the meal subscription service out but have been hesitating, now is your chance to give it a try free of charge.

If you’d like to try it out for a week on me hit me up! I’ll send you the email.

You do have to subscribe but you can always pause or cancel your subscription right after the first free week if you don’t love it.

Who doesn’t love free stuff?!


Ditch the dryer sheets…


Ditch those chemical filled dryer sheets and try wool dryer balls with your favorite essential oil scent! Mine is Lavender or Purification 🙂

I use 100% New Zealand Wool Dryer Balls, but you can find lots of different dryer balls on Amazon or Etsy. You can find the ones I use here, 6 dryer balls for $11.49 with Amazon Prime! Handy Laundry 100% Wool Dryer Balls

To use these, I drop the essential oil of choice directly onto the dryer balls. This method uses more oil, but will be a stronger scent.

Alternatively, you can combine your choice of essential oil and water into a glass spray bottle (to your scent liking) and then spray the dryer balls. This method will use less oil, but will not be as strong smelling as using oil directly on the dryer balls.



DIY Homemade Linen Spray


I am currently in the process of eliminating chemical filled products with healthy alternatives. This was an easy one and I love that I can customize it to scents I love without that chemically, chest tightening effect that store bought products give me.

A super easy DIY; all you need is some water, witch hazel, your favorite essential oil(s) and a glass spray bottle.

It’s important you use a glass spray bottle, as some essential oils are very pure and may eat away at plastics that aren’t the right grade to accommodate the oils. This is especially important for citrus oils.

I buy my spray bottles from Amazon or Abundant Health. They have GREAT deals and offer bulk discounts in many cases. I get jars, roller bottles, spray bottles and more from them.

You can visit their site here: Abundant Health